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First Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference Host Organization Selected

First Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference Host Organization Selected

2018-09-20 05:56:17 by Admin Kenya

First Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference Host Organization Selected

Triangle Project - a lesbian-led human rights organization in South Africa has been selected to host the First Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference to take place from 6 to 9 July 2019 in Cape Town. The key themes for this conference are: ‘Leading - Healing - Transforming’. This conference will be a space to recognize, celebrate and affirm the experiences, needs, organizing and activism of lesbian, bisexual and queer women*, based on self-determination, from all around the world.

Triangle Project has been working in the Western Cape’s rural and peri-urban areas for 35 years. The organization has been involved in major legislative reforms in South Africa either as an organization but more typically as part of a collective of LGBTIQ and other human rights organizations.The organization's work is concentrated around LGBTIQ community-based solidarity networks and leadership building; the sexual and reproductive health and rights of LGBTI persons; addressing gender-based violence against LGBTIQ persons; and LGBTIQ citizenship, which includes the right to access services and participate fully in the political, economic and social arenas within broader South African society.

The organization has previously co-organized the “Queer Feminist Film Festival”, (QFFF) which was the first of its kind in South Africa both in terms of content and openness to the public. The QFFF was a collaborative effort by Triangle Project, African Gender Institute (AGI), OXFAM SA (OZA) and the Bertha Movie House. The development of the festival happened in a number of stages and included different role players at each developmental stage. The coordinating team was able to mobilize financial resources, extensive media coverage as well as draw in a crowd of at least 500 QLBT+ feminists into the festival.

To co-host the conference, Triangle Project is bringing together a queer lesbian feminist collective that consists of four Cape Town-based organizations i.e. AGI, Gender Equity Unit (GEU), FreeGender, FEMME and Triangle Project itself.

The selection was made by the Working Group of the conference based on satisfaction of the four main criteria: being a registered LBQ-led organization, having relevant previous experience of organizing events of such scale, working partnership with the government to ensure safe experience for international visitors of the conference, as well as ability to work in a consortium with other local LBQ women’s organizations and initiative groups.

Consisting of 22 LBQ women* activists with different backgrounds and representing all regions of the globe, the Working Group together with the conference’s Advisory Committee is responsible for all the planning, fundraising and organizing of the Conference. All members of both collectives are working on unpaid voluntary basis.

The Working Group of the First Global Feminist LBQ Women’s* Conference is confident that the Triangle Project will be an excellent host, allowing to demonstrate the capacity of LBQ* women around the world, breaking boundaries between countries and showing the rest of the globe that united we are stronger.